Brutally Honest and Unadulterated Hilarious Things Kids Say – Collected by School Teacher

Hilarious times are upon you friends. It’s time for brutally honest and unadulterated shared thought of our younglings mostly 2-10 years old. Alyssa Cowit is a teacher from NYC school and a creator of popular Instagram account ‘Live from Snack Time’. Fascinated by Kindergarteners’ questions and answers she decided to start archiving those tiny pearls of wisdom. Alyssa and Greg Dunbar who’s a digital marketing manager with Walt Disney Studios have started an official website for ‘Live from Snack Time’ in 2015 and now their Instagram has 150k of followers. Alyssa “believes children are honest and curious, and while often perplexed, they’re brilliant – and that it’s a teacher’s job to take what children say seriously.” Her idea is that kids are not always attention seeker but little puzzle solvers 24/7. Always thinking out loud and soaking up new information from the big world around them. You can even get their book full of brilliant and odd things kids say titled “I Did My Homework in My Head: (And Other Wacky Things Kids Say)”.

Instagram ‘Live from Snack Time’ is a MUST follow – it will give you days of endless laughs!

Via [boredpanda]