Hilariously Bizarre Illustrations by Naolito

It requires a serious intelligence, creativity, and profound humor to achieve what Nacho Díaz Arjona aka Naolito has had just through 1-2 illustration story. To find an idea that strikes instantly and delivers laughter is always hard, yet imagine being limited by only one small or just two illustrations to tell the whole story. This is where Barcelona’s Naolito shines the best. He started participating in online design contests where he got to other great artists and people to start following his work, and even magazines to mention his designs causing the snowball effect for his career. He gathered quite a following on social media and opened his own online store in 2013, mainly focused on t-shirts, and later extended to art prints, pins and more. He’s the only member of his indie company and he handles everything including design, coding, shipping orders, and customer service. Check his work on Instagram or order your favorite designs here at his online shop.

The intelligence, creativity and profound humor – all in one


I guess it’s gonna again

Nacho Díaz Arjona aka Naolito is genius at creating short witty illustrations


The price you gotta pay

Right in the feels


My horn can pierce the sky

No one believes him

Rock paper scissors

When you gotta go you gotta go – Hourglass edition




Leave Leo alone

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