History Comes Alive with Royalty Now

Graphic designer Becca Saladin has always loved history. She combined her talents in graphic design with her thirst for learning to create Royalty Now. This fascinating Instagram account shows off her skills in transforming famous figures throughout history into modern characters you’d see walking the streets today. From Julius Caesar and Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth I and Prince Albert, these historical greats get new life thanks to Saladin’s work. Be sure to visit Royalty Now on Instagram and follow Becca Saladin for more impressive art.

Anne Boleyn – Becca Saladin decided to see what her favorite historical figure, Anne Boleyn, would look like with modern hair and makeup. “I put her in a modern outfit, painted on her eyelashes, eyebrows, and makeup, and was excited by what I saw,” Saladin said. “She became much more relatable to me after that creation.”

Agrippina the Younger

Julius Caesar – After that, she started doing more of her favorite figures, and started the Instagram account as a way to share her works with fellow history lovers.




Eleanor of Toledo

Madame De Pompadour

Alexander the Great


Henry VII

Queen Elizabeth I

Prince Albert

Louis XV


Queen Victoria

Queen Mary I

Benjamin Franklin

Abraham Lincoln

Mona Lisa

via [mymodernmet]