Adventurer Pets His Wolfdog Everywhere They Go

Passion for nature, traveling and his forever most amazing companion wolfdog Sitka, Honza Řeháček combines into his work and lifestyle. Freelance photographer from Czechia merges everything he loves into his everyday life and his adventures are never-ending. Honza and Sitka are inseparable and no mountain or river will ever stop them for loving each other, taking photos together and reaching the most amazing locations on Earth. Honza loves dramatic ambients and he takes advantage of fog, especially in the mornings of winter days. Sitka loves the wild as much as she loves her petting sessions. Sunrays and mist and stunning dream-like landscapes, forests, rivers, and mountains, the entire natural embraces the lovely Sitka and these photos are the proof of it. When you love something it loves you back. Follow this amazing duo on Honza’s Instagram and official website.

Say hi to wolfdog Sitka and freelancer photographer Honza Řeháček

Together they reach the most beautiful places on Earth

And everywhere they go Sitka gets pet just the way she likes

Party for two

Love love love it

You’re so funny

Your Highness

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