‘HOPE’ – Worldwide Photo Contest for 2019 by AGORA Images

Photo contest that’s free to enter hosted by AGORA images has been creating a buzz recently with its beautiful work. Today’s topic is HOPE. “When times get rough, hope is essential to keep our heads up and battle out life’s challenges. From acts of compassion to the birth of a newborn, hope can manifest in many different ways.” A free-to-use photography app is all you need to be a part of this great worldwide contest. Submit your best photos on required topics and you can win amazing prizes. Since 2017, AGORA aims to democratize photography while empowering people everywhere to share their visual stories. “Photographers from all around the world show us what hope means to them, reminding us that beauty and kindness still exist in our world.” Some of these photos must be the ‘hope’ that resonates with your point of view and your very soul.
Enjoy AGORA’s latest ‘Hope’ photo contest for 2019.

Childhood – India


by: ashee_phtgrphy

No Boundaries – Turkey

By: leylaemektar

“A picture of my daughter’s and her 97 year old great grandmother’s hands. With this photo, I wanted to show that old people are still needed for their experience, wisdom, and sharing.” – Lithuania

By: altone

A Bonding Moment – Spain


By: diego_mr

“A widowed man misses the love of his life, and hopes to reunite with her in the afterlife.” – Indonesia

By: irlansteven


By: theeastwoodexperience

Together Forever – India

By: spykevasu



By: rajkumarmarko


By: lightpalmer

“A Tibetan monk throws his promises of hope to heaven.”


Stairway to Heaven – Spain

By: msubirats


By: wunderbilder

By: victordevalles

Taken at a temple in Bangladesh

By: rafayat


As long as we can share a laugh – Indonesia

By: imanzha

Can’t walk but we’re still rolling fast. Never Give Up!

By: tutul1410

Hope for Mother Earth

By: photollarena

Pilgrims Performing Tawaf


By: tanveer.rohan

“First moments of life for these stork babies.” – Sweden

By: lexluther

Keeping everybody safe – a hero

By: seinq

Taken at Labor Day in Amsterdam

By: icnworld

Pray Time – Sri Lanka


By: ravir

By: azimronnie – via[boredpanda]