Human Cameleons – Artist Paints on Models’ Skin to Make Them Vanish

Meet Vilija Vitkute a body painter of the highest order. 26 years old Scandinavian multi-talented artist finds her inspiration from her homeland and Alps. Three Years long project ‘The Landscapes Within,’ is a series of body paint camouflage photography. Her art speaks about the relationship between humans and nature. Vitkute says: “We need to connect with it more, especially now, during climate change. Because we are nature. A phrase we often use ‘humans and nature’ is wrong – we are one and that’s what I want to show in these artworks. I hope to bring this message on a deep emotional level and make people realize it – that’s the power of art. Such painting requires me to be fully focused and perfectly research the right place, person, light, wind and time.”

‘The Landscapes Within’ by Vilija Vitkute


One of the models on photo shoot


We are one with Nature

‘Nature always wears the colors of the spirit’


‘For me, the greatest artist of all time is the nature. ‘

These artworks will be presented in exhibitions, prints for sale, and calendar for 2020.

via [boredpanda]