Humanoid Main Coon Cat Lits the Instagram

Latest internet sensation, a humanoid cat, more precisely the Maine Coon from Catsvill County. She has an awesome name – Valkyrie – and she’s only a two-month-old kitten living in Russia. Her owner Tatiana Rastorgueva shared with the world an adorable video of her little baby Maine Coon and Instagram went crazy about her humanoid face. To some Valkyrie looks like a werewolf, and to some like Yoda. Some people are fascinated by her looks and some feel uncomfortable just by looking at its strange facial bone structure. She seems to have a very human-like nose, and the look in her eyes just speaks a lot. Valkyrie is a real sensation and if you are interested in Maine Coons, be sure to check out the cattery of the Maine coons – Catsvill County! For more photos of Valkyrie visit her Instagram.

Meet Valkyrie


She’s a Main Coon from Russia

And a new Instagram star!


Is she a werewolf?

Is she a little cat Yoda?!

She’s only a two-month-old kitten

via [boredpanda]