Humans-Sized Cardboard Figures by Warren King

American artist, living in Stockholm, Sweden, Warren King is a creator of these human-sized cardboard figures. For a while, it has been an ongoing project that is actually a recreation of the home village of his grandparents from China – Shaoxing Villagers. Artist aims to bring everyone back to life individually one by one. Interestingly the backs of these figures are unfinished, hollow, for viewers to see its detail from inside. Cardboard and glue, that’s all they are. Artist is also trying to understand these people that he is bringing back to life and learn about their personalities and lives they’ve had. For more visit Warren King’s Instagram and his official website.

Artwork by Warren King

Series of larger-than-life figures

Work in process

Shaoxing Villagers – a recreation of entire village where artist’s grandparents used to lived

Backs of these figures are hollow/unfinished so people could see the detail from inside

“Grandmother masked as lion based on the bronze statues guarding the Gate of Supreme Harmony at the Forbidden City”

via [designyoutrust]