Humorous ‘Sunday Sketches’ by Beloved Christoph Niemann Merge Real Life Objects With Ink

The ‘Sunday Sketches’ (on Instagram) creator Christoph Niemann, is a beloved illustrator known for the humorous merging of drawings and real-life objects or scenes (photographs). Playful with scales and context, a few brushstrokes change an entire life for some household items in Niemann’s possession. When he’s creating sketches based on photographs in most cases he uses photos of the NYC where he lives. Before the pandemic, he was traveling, visiting London (England) and Tallinn (Estonia), where he gathered inspiring material for his art. A visual storyteller, Niemann, lately works mostly from his studio in Berlin, especially during the last year. “Since March last year, I’ve been at my drawing desk almost every single day,” the artist shared in an interview for ‘This is Colossal’. Even though his art is dependent on input and inspiration, he finds that attention to detail and routine are the aspects that he’s been benefiting from a lot due to such a plain and steady schedule. Join the 1 million followers on Instagram and enjoy Niemann’s ‘Sunday Sketches’ if you like his humorous and inventive way of thinking ingeniously packed into an illustrative real-life hybrid art form.

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By visual storyteller – Christoph Niemann

Photo credits: Christoph Niemann

‘Sunday Sketches’ are very popular on Instagram (with more than 1 million followers).


No household object can avoid being a part of a witty sketch in Niemann’s possession.

Iron chin on that man!

Lady in Black


Kitty Cat

Please check out Niemann’s “Abstract Sunday” profile on Instagram for the weekly dose of these amazing illustrations.

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