Hyper-Realistic Framed 3D Cat Portraits Out of Felted Wool

Because 3D framed portraits are more awesome! Jaw-dropping hyper-realistic cat portraits are scary good and they are all done by a hand of Wakuneco. Incredible Japanese artist uses different colors of wool with a needle felting technique to achieve this amazing piece of art. Artist has shown us through Instagram and YouTube videos that this is an extremely meticulous work that takes an entire month to be finished. The delicate process can be seen in his almost tutorial videos which show Wakuneco placing whiskers, attaching eyes and more. For models, he uses pictures of real cats. Owners photographing their cats next to their 3d portraits show us just how magnificent Wakuneco really is in his craft. If you have ever loved your pet more than anything in the world and unfortunately you’ve lost him, this might be the most beautiful way to bring him back into your life.

By Japanese artist Wakuneco

Artist uses pictures of real cats to create their ‘clones’

If your cat passed away, this would be a beatufiul way to bring it back into your life

It takes about a month for one portrait to be done

Wacuneco shared on Instagram and YouTube his meticulous process

From placing whiskers to attaching eyes

They look so real, you want to pet them!