Hyper-Realistic Paintings of Women with Their Minor Imperfections Portrayed in Traditional Magazine Poses

When you speak about being the best in the world, the most skillful you could possibly get, you can talk about the genius that is Philipp Weber. Living and working in Kassel and Berlin, Germany, Weber paints hyper-realistic masterpieces that are simply mind-blowing. What makes his paintings even more real is his search for the inner truth, not looking for perfection of the female body that does not exist and speaks only shallow. Weber aims to portrait tiny imperfections, cuts in the human soul, their personal stories that evoke both sadness and joy. He does that all unbelievably well while painting women in traditional magazine poses. Since he was just as 3-year-old wanting to bring a smile to his mum and grandmother through his art, he never stopped being an artist. With a Master’s degree at Berlin University of the Arts, he evolved as an artist and confirmed the respect he deserved. Interestingly, he was already successful as a high school student. He even both a car with money from the portraits he painted. Today he finds inspiration in books, movies, artists, creative people, fascinating personal stories, dreams, and aspirations of others.

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Genius at work – Philipp Weber

Image credits: Philipp Weber

“Bless Resistance”

The sketch that begins it all.


“New Birth”

The talent and skill of Weber is beyond this world!

He started practicing art when he was 3-years-old trying to bring a smile to his mum and grandmother.

“Bless” series


“The Fury-Mona”


“Creatura” series


“The Hunt”

“White Heart” series

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