Young Photographer Circles 3 Times Entire Iceland Capturing Surreal Sights

Young talent from Sweden, Signe Fotar is obsessed with photography and her brilliant photos tell the same story. Self-taught 25-year-old, now based in Iceland never stopped sightseeing the ‘any photographer’s heaven’ as she calls it. With her camera and her car, she circled Iceland 3 times, driving over 20,000 km capturing magnificent sceneries. “You’ll come across places that don’t look like they are from this planet, whether this be boiling mud pools, multicolored mountains, black beaches covered with ice chunks, or ‘just’ thousands of breathtaking waterfalls.” Interestingly young photographer noticed how drastically different can be in each side of Iceland. “driving from Reykjavik to Jökulsárlón during springtime will let you experience all the four seasons in just a matter of hours.” Snowstorms and heavy wind can push you off the road but while driving slow, the artist says it can be all very amusing. Signe doesn’t have a certain type of photography that she can call her favorite, but she recognizes she’s been drawn mostly towards nature as her Instagram shows.

Photos by 25-year-old Signe Fotar


Gljúfrafoss, hot water cave

Seal at Ytri Tunga


Strokkur. Smaller eruption.

Arctic Fox

This is the Icelandic spring



Reynisfjara during sunrise at 11 am

Puffin at Westfjords








via [boredpanda]