Iconic 1961 VW Beetle Deluxe Transformed Into a Wicked Cabriolet Roadster

Iconic, adorable, lovable, simply one of the greatest car designs in history! The Volkswagen Beetle has seen several modifications through tributes by its passionate and crafty enthusiasts. Today we’re sharing with you one of the coolest renditions of the classic 1961 Beetle Deluxe. Car designer, Danni Koldal, went on to create a highly classy and wicked black matte roadster. With an obvious paint job, many more installments and removals took place during the transformation process. Instead of original side mirrors, Koldal went for “torpedo” design, known on old school race cars. Another obvious change is the missing roof and the cut windshield. The car was lowered as well, while chrome bumpers are gone together with the fender-mounted turn signals. To please the aesthetics of the old-schools cars, shiny rims are matched with the whitewall tires. To enhance it’s “sharp” look, Koldal even added a Superman’s logo on the hood as well as the word Superman on the back. What a car! If you’re a beetle enthusiast check out our other posts: E-Beetle, and Beetle motorcycles!

More info: Danni Koldal.

1961 VW Beetle Deluxe Transformed by Danny Koldal.

Photo credits: Danni Koldal

Yes, it does. It really says SupermaN on the back of the car.

So it’s simply logical to have Superman’s logo on the hood.

Matching shiny rims with the whitewall tires – old school style.


No more chrome bumpers and the fender-mounted turn signals.

Yes to the black matte paint job, cut windshields, and “torpedo” side-mirrors.

The result – a wicked black matte Beetle Cabriolet Roadster!

via [boredpanda]