Illuminated Landscape Illusions – Light Installations by Javier Riera

Javier Riera is a Spanish artist with a quite different vision of the world. Riera designs and photographs his light projections that almost magically transform nature itself. An illusion to the naked eye, that spin our brain for a loop each time we look at one of his creations. Geometric shapes perfectly fit onto specifically shaped trees and landscape generally illuminate a new world to the viewer. “I am interested in those moments in which the outside/the landscape begins to be perceived as something very intimate, while our internal world begins to be perceived with some distance. Deepening the connection between nature and viewer, it opens up newfound respect for the many layers of the world. A lot of time Riera spends researching perfect landscapes with just right history behind it. People and their culture together with the landscape are what inspires artist the most.


Light Installations by Javier Riera

Artist uses geometric shapes of light on specific landscapes to create these illusions


Riera creates a completely new world within Nature

Artist aims to connect viewer with nature on a deeper level


Artist spends a lot of time doing his research

Looking for a perfect landscape, perfect people and perfect culture to inspire his light patterns


Divine light

via [thisiscolossal]