Illuminating Compositions Between Humans and Their Surrounding

You can say more than a thousand words with the use of body language and facial expressions. These are just two aspects that affect photography of Mehran Djojan, just like nature, which also plays an important role in a lot of his images. Djojan is trying to evoke a sort of harmony between the individual and the environment. Although often surreal in scope, the images appear effortlessly natural, in Djojan’s world, a piercing gaze, a mysterious prop, and an elusive daydream are all it takes to create a fantastic photo. He’s never complaining about a loss of inspiration and he hopes that the scenarios he’s creating also inspire the imaginations of the viewers through their individual ways of interpreting the images. You long for more inspirational photos? Head over to Djojan’s Instagram Page and website where you can also read his blog, visit shop and maybe place some orders.


“Right now I have a preference for surreal portraits. They give me the power to display all my childhood fantasies and enable me to let my daydreams come true.”

“There are a lot of photos arising spontaneously; I work with what is there and what I have in the situation.”


“Sometimes it’s a feeling like emptiness, longing, or passion. And sometimes it’s a song or even a beautiful melody that is giving me as much input as I need for new ideas.”

“Compassion hurts.” – with one and only Maisie Williams


“Sometimes it’s really just the smallest, least striking things can give you a multitude of ideas and inspiration.”

Time for some self-reflection.


“Not only did I get to meet many other photographers and artists, but every trip, every person, and every picture taken during my journey also helped me become the photographer I am right now.”

via [mymodernmet]