Impasto Mountains – Heavy Textured Paintings by Conrad Jon Godly

The name is Conrad Jon Godly, and his mountainous paintings resemble his last name. A painting technique using thick impasto strokes that stick out as feathered edges, even out of the frames that are already large-scaled. Black, white, and blue hues are his favorite to manipulate and capture the moody presence of majestic mountains inspired by his childhood surroundings. Godly was born in Switzerland, and growing up in Davos within the Swiss Alps filled him with endless inspiration. Godly’s basically Zeus of the Swiss Alps if Zeus had any interest in paintings. “My surroundings have a huge influence on me, artistically and personally,” the painter shared. “I don’t see myself as a landscape painter, I am interested in capturing the mood and feeling of light, or the reflection of the moon on snow.” His previous work as a photographer helped him understand the nature of light and visual texture that are now trademarks of his current artworks.

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“I added over 20 kg of oil paint on this canvas…!!!” – Conrad Jon Godly


“TO SEE IS NOT TO SPEAK #11” (2018), oil on canvas, 200 x 200 cm


Godly grew up in Davos, city laying in the Swiss Alps

“My surroundings have a huge influence on me, artistically and personally.” – Godly

Godly uses impasto technique with thick strokes to achieve this strange abstract/realism.


Looking at these paintings from a close range may not seem much… But few steps back and the grand mountains reveal themselves majestically.

A rare one where Godly used green to emphasize hope during these trying pandemic times.

Before, when it was allowed, a young visitor admiring Godly’s large-scale masterpiece.

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