Important Miniature Scenes Unraveling Inside Jewelry Boxes by Curtis Talwst Santiago

Gorgeous and secretive, vintage jewelry boxes have never been this fascinating! Canadian-Trinidadian multi-talented artist Curtis Talwst Santiago creates special little sets inside tiny boxes to touch strong themes and send messages on the ongoing issues in the world. On the other hand, some of his art are plainly artistic and gorgeous on the eye. Painted scenes with glorious backgrounds on the open lid of the boxes always carry a narrative through its unique arrangements. For an example Santiago’s ‘Deluge’ is a boat transporting refugees, while ‘Por Que?’, talks about police brutality. Artist uses his brilliant skills to pass these stories to many and we think he does an absolutely amazing job. Check out his collection titled ‘Infinity Series’ here on his official website.

Nanganesey Creek With Deer – 2016


Gaia III – 2017

Deluge – 2015

Christmas in Durban – 2017


Olukun (Venus) – 2017

After Tom After Kim After Acid – 2013

Por que? * With light on – 2015

Frolic – 2013


First Flakes of Winter – 2010

Summer in the Winter – 2013

El Torero – 2013

Started From The Bottom Now We Here pt2 – 2013

via [thisiscolossal]