Imposing Surreal Portraits by Ronny Garcia

Santiago, Chile based Ronny Garcia is the name behind these stunning surreal portraits. He has been taking photographs almost as soon as he graduated from university. He explains in one of his interviews “In late 2013 i found some image on internet that really grabbed my attention (I always have been connected with art in general, I’ve been drawing since I was 14 or so), I started to search more and more about this kind of image (all them were conceptual photography), so i decided I wanted to buy a camera and try this.Believe me from the moment I took the camera in my hands I knew this is what I wanted to do, I just can’t explain the connection I felt and how this filled my heart, my brain, my soul in such an incredible way.” And now he can’t imagine his life without photography. He searches for various images like illustrations, paintings, photographs on the net, then gets ready for his own photoshoot. He plans his compositions by sketching on the paper first then apply them to settings in nature with his models. His skillful use of color and perspective for portraying his models are breath-taking. Now take a cup of coffee and feast your eyes with his impressive surreal portraits.