Impressive Food Photography by Silvia Salvia Limone

Silvia Salvia Limone is a former fashion designer, now professional food photographer and stylist and she is also the creator of Salvia+Limone. She lives in London, The UK with her husband and two kids. She not only cooks delicious for the family but also styles food like a portrait and takes their photos then generously shares them with her followers. She says “I’m Italian, therefore I just love good company and good food. Within the years I also realised that for something to be good, has to be right. My favourite foods are the ones made with love. We prevalently eat a plant based diet, organic & locally surced whenever possible. When I’m not behind my camera I’ve got hands sticky with dough and clothes stained in children’s paint, ough.” If you are interested in this kind of photography, we suggest you follow her on Instagram. Now feast your eyes with Silvia’s fantaastic food portraits.