Impressively Accurate and Expressive Ink Sketches of Italian Architecture

Giuliana Flavia Cangelosi is an art director, computational design student, and “professional travel sketch” artist. With such an eclectic approach to art, it comes as no surprise that her body of work is just as diverse. Her drawings range from simple sketches to precise designs, illustrating the breadth of her talents. Cangelosi’s portfolio features a collection of beautiful buildings and monuments found across Italy – where her inspiration comes from. From a snapshot of the Colosseum vibrating with energy to a study of a classical fountain seemingly set in stone – everything and more. Be sure to visit Cangelosi’s Instagram Page and follow her for more inspiring architectural sketches.

“The drawings are a continuous technical and representative research.”

Whether rendered in loose strokes or precise lines, each sketch accurately represents her subject and illustrates her impressive architectural knowledge.

“A skillset that she diligently works to perfect.”

What sets Cangelosi’s work apart from other architectural studies is her ability to maintain authenticity without foregoing her own artistic flair.

Each of her creations aims to minutely analyze the monuments with a strongly expressive character…”

“A work in progress that, from simple sketches to more accurate drawings, makes the monuments true treasures.”

via [mymodernmet]