Delicious Cakes That Look Like Real Cacti and Flowers by Incredible Cake Artist Leslie Vigil

Leslie Vigil is an incredibly passionate cake artist working at Tasteful Cakes, Corona, California. She’s a magician in the kitchen and she creates almost too realistic cacti and flower designs in form of delicious cakes. Her creations are simply too good looking to be eaten. Just put them next to your window, give them sun and everything plants usually need. Leslie shared on Instagram one photo of her sweet art and also an anecdote from her life: “How do you react to the being called a crazy plant lady? Not sure how it was intended when I got called one, but I just sort of nodded and agreed. Listen… I’m here to live my life, ok?!” If someone was trying to be mean, then he was plain jealous. Leslie’s art is amazing enough to speak for itself and for her too, as this brilliant artist collects more than 130k of followers on Instagram. Join her fandom and drool upon a magnificent garden of cakes.

By cake artist – Leslie Vigil

The most adorable cactu ever!

I am delicious Groot

Leslie works at Tasteful Cakes, Corona CA

Sweet magic land


Leslie is incredibly passionate about her work

Join her 130k of fans on her Instagram page to see more of her brilliant cake art

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