Incredible Glowing Pencil Portraits

Brilliant pencil illustrations by very sharp Bulgarian talent Angel Ganev always carry a little piece of magic within them. Even though these examples are mostly black and white, the artist does work in color as well. Incredible glow using Photoshop and Wacom tablet, Ganev succeeds every time to bring his portrait to life. Playing with lightning, from soft to radiant has become his trademark technique. The glow adds a perfect spice to set a unique mood for each portrait whether it’s sinister, mysterious or magic of love and attraction. Ganev has an amazing Instagram page where he describes himself as a painter, entertainer, and sociopath. A truly perfect mix for a YouTube channel where he shows his work in Photoshop and chats about art and life and of course what grinds his gears. Visit Ganev’s Instagram and YouTube for more content.

By Bulgarian painter Angel Ganev

Final touches are made with Photoshop and Wacom tablet

Artist has Instagram and YouTube channel

Artist holds podcast on YouTube every Monday

You can see the working process in Photoshop on his channel

If you love painters, entertainers, and sociopaths Ganev is your man!

via [boredpanda]