Ingenious Plant Lamps by Nui Studio – No Need for Water or Sunlight

Incredible and gorgeous, ‘Mygdal Plantlights’ are designed for dim spaces and even rooms without any daylight. These plant lamps bring light and act as indoor greenery. Due to SmartGrow technology, plants require zero care and they can live and grow for years. When buying Mygdal Plantlights you are offered to choose between a pendant (hangs from a ceiling) or a standing lamp. They come in 2 sizes – regular (from 2.950 eur) and large (from 4.450 eur). One planting is included and you can also choose between jungle, lush and zen plant options. No watering is needed and Mygdal plantlight is hermetically sealed. The water inside evaporates and condensates, keeping the plant always adequately wet. The aluminum bottom can be easily opened when needed. The self-supporting ecosystem is established also using specifically designed LED lights, acting as a substitute for sunlight. Plants therefore can practice photosynthesis just like they would in nature. There is also a LightControl system – using this you can control the color, intensity, time, and duration of lighting via your smartphone or tablet. Basically, you can control the temperature of light that suits your needs as well as the plants’. The microclimate created suits rainforest flora, which thrives in a humid atmosphere.

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Photo credits: Nui Studio

‘Mygdal Plantlights’ by Nui Studio

SmartGrow technology – no need for watering or sunlight!

Hermetically sealed, water evaporates and condensates, keeping the plant always sufficiently wet.


There are 2 sizes – regular (2.950 eur) and large (4.450 eur)

You can choose between jungle, lush, and zen plant options.

Built from mouth-blown glass and aluminum.


Using specifically designed LED lights that are a perfect substitute for sunlight, plants can practice photosynthesis naturally.

You can easily replace the plant by opening the aluminum bottom.

The created self-sustaining ecosystem is perfect for the rainforest flora.


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