Interactive 3D Optical Illusions by Incredible Carlos Alberto GH

31-year-old 3D street artist, Carlos Alberto GH, from Mexico is the perfect example of a good samaritan and an exceptional artist. A rare breed, Alberto is a kind man who finds inspiration in the wondrous nature, the entire world around him, and also in the good deeds and actions of other kind people. Taking it all in, “I try to represent the beauty of all the creatures I see, putting them into surreal contexts, like a magical dream,” Alberto shared in an interview for Bored Panda. Guadalajara’s graffiti genius wasn’t good at all in his artistic beginnings, as he was struggling to understand the right perspective, or rather the process of creating the perfect illusion. But practice made it work and now he’s one of the best in the world, and can’t imagine his life any different than it is today. Artist found fascinating the idea that his art would be actual magical worlds mixed within the real world of urban areas, public spaces, where everyone can pass by each and every day. Being able to share with them the process of creation feels to him like it’s all some big performance, where in the end anyone can interact and be a part of the show that continues on years after it’s all done.

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Photo credits: Carlos Alberto_gh

Anamorphic 3D street art by Carlos Alberto GH

After attending a few street art festivals Alberto felt he needed a career change.


In the beginning, he could get the right perspective, but after years of practice…

He had become one of the best to ever do it!

He uses his skills to make cities dreamy, but also to spook somebody out.


The best part is the interactive part that everyone loves so much.

You can’t stop the memes.


Absolutely gorgeous. Alberto’s art brings an oasis to the cities pavements.

A man, proud of his feathery beast.


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