‘Invisible Jumpers’ by Joseph Ford and Nina Dodd

Joseph Ford is a photographer that aims to shoot extremely amusing concepts throughout his career. For over 5 years of the period he has been working with Nina Dodd who’s a super-skilled knitter and the result of their collaboration has been published in a book by Hoxton Mini Press. Below you can see some of their work we’ve chosen for you. Ford takes days or weeks of research and planning before each project starts, to find perfect location, idea, and a model to complete a photo. Each knitting process for one sweater, Nina devotes a few weeks of meticulous work. “I draw over this scouting photograph and annotate the picture with different colors and patterns so Nina can plan how to knit,” explains Ford. “Locations need to be eye-catching, but simple. They also have to be places that aren’t going to change too fast, as the knitting takes a few weeks.” More info: Instagram, Facebook. Also, visit Curious Doodle’s Instagram for a simpler view of all of our posts and our fun weekly concept content.

Photo series by photographer Joseph Ford

Knitting by super talented Nina Dodd

Collaboration between Nina and Joseph lasts over 5 years

It took thousands of hours of knitting overall

Ford spends days researching locations that will not change in the near future

Location needs to be eye-catching, yet simple, so Nina could replicate them

Location needs to stay the same before the knitting process is over

via [boredpanda]