Is it a Burrito? No! It’s a Pair of French Bulldogs – Theo & Cato

Burrito French Bulldogs, Theo, and Cato have been featured in ‘British Vogue’ and they have much more to offer than just a few chucklesome burrito/sushi dog-pose photos. They’ve gathered more than 330k of followers for their amazing costumes, zen mornings, spa times and napping silliness. It’s what we all love to see, a cuteness overload. The dynamic duo is most famous maybe for their blankets and being rolled up and tucked in. If a smile is what you need to start your day then we recommend following TheoBonaparte Instagram for an everyday dose. You can also buy their special calendars on Etsy, the year has just started! Enjoy.


Take a picture of this!

Censored with a reason. Don’t ask.

It’s good thing we like each other


Bear with us

Boo! I’m a Santa Paws

Long shift brother


Ninja blends in anywhere anytime

I need my spa time to become…


A Jedi!

I feel like a flower in bloom

Today I feel really artistic and melancholic, you know… sitting on my butt and stuff.



Via [boredpanda]