Traveling Tattoo Artist Specialized in Whimsical and Nature Themed Illustration

Janine Ramos, who formerly worked as a graphic designer, started tattooing in 2016. Her art is bold and beautiful – perfection between outlines, composition, and colors make her pieces look so vivid and gorgeous. Janine is versatile with imagery and subject matter but has a strong preference for whimsical, magical nature-y stuff. Janine holds a B.A. in Fine Art and a B.S. in Visual Communication Design from San Francisco State University. She moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2019. from the Bay Area, and now you can find her in the White Raven Tattoo studio in the middle of Uptown Westerville. As we got the impression, she’s very popular out there. Alongside tattooing, Janine creates more art in the form of prints and pins, and when you purchase any of her merch, a portion or all of the proceeds will benefit greater causes. So head over to Janine’s official website for more info and more unusual art!

Teacup and succulents


Waffle and some little free-handed gap fillers for ongoing food sleeve.


Gorgeous rainbow mushroom tattoo

Dreamy color palette; snail friend with flowers and mushrooms.

More succulents!


Party animals – sea lion and a seal


Witchy vibes and potions

Cutie angler

Space jelly


Another snail friend.

What do you call an alligator in a vest?

A ghost in mom jeans

Teeny dragon guarding his teeny treasure.


Sparkly space bottle

Two new BFFs