Americana and Neo-Traditional Tattoo Style by London Based Artist

South African Tattooer, Jean Le Roux has been tattooing in London, UK since 2013. He’s also a co-owner of Good Fortune Studio and The Talon, online shop where you can find apparel and accessories he created. Le Roux’s tattoos are the perfect blend of Americana and the neo-traditional style, which refers to bold black outlines and a limited color palette. He tattoos pre-drawn pieces from his books. Black and grey, color pieces, beautiful female faces. animals – his portfolio is rich and diverse. Scroll trough ou gallery to see some of his impressive artworks and follow him on Instagram.

Jean Le Roux works on custom and pre-drawn pieces from his books on Mondays, Thursday and Friday.

The pre-drawn pieces will be posted directly to his Instagram, from which you can email or message him to book in.

Good Fortune Studio is a private Microblading and Tattoo studio in Kings Cross, London.

Le Roux’s ladies are the perfect blend of Americana and the neo-traditional style, which is reflected in the photos featured here.

Every element is outlined, but with added linework to accentuate certain details.

The color palette, too, harks back to the era of Americana tattooing.

There’s almost some inception type of thing happening in some tattoos, with the tattoos themselves having tattoos.

Medusa, beautiful fineline tattoo

This limited color palette typically included yellow, red, green and black. Purple was eventually added to it as well.

Americana style or American traditional tattoos are getting very popular. You have probably noticed how many tattoo models are in love with this classic, yet fresh style.