Three-Dimensional Illustrations Gave Everyday Items New Meaning

Jesuso Ortiz combines various found objects with his drawings to create playful, three-dimensional illustrations. His latest work sees flowers as elaborate headdresses, fruit slices as bicycle wheels, and, in one piece, he’s cleverly reimagined an egg yolk as a big yellow balloon. Each object is perfectly paired with his minimalist drawings, creating striking, colorful images that will make you look twice. Ortiz shows us that items don’t always have to be used in the traditional way we’re accustomed to and that a little playfulness may lead to inspiration. Scroll down through our gallery to see just a glimpse of his whimsical art and for more follow his Instagram Page and visit the official website.

Most of us take flowers, fruit, and other natural objects at face value, but imaginative  Jesuso Ortiz uses them to create art.


“No hay una sola palabra que no sea solo el simulacro de algo. Un beso es más real que un “te amo”.”


Ortiz has been creating his illustration mashups for years, but there’s no sign of him running out of ideas.

There is a whole illustration series inspired by “The Little Prince”.


While drawn on a simple solid colored background, Ortiz’s works range from having a taste of cartoonish whimsy to the kinds of glamorous.

Ortiz’s repurposing of these conventional items will instantly grab your attention.

The three-dimensional element, when paired with minimalist drawings, strikes the right balance of vibrant colors, bold details, and interesting textures.


They aren’t overworked or overly complicated.


As a result, his illustrations feel fresh and contemporary, harnessing the carefree spontaneity of a sketch.

“Prefiero tener una mente abierta por el asombro, que una cerrada por mis creencias.”

“If I am here is because of that gift which has allowed me to keep experimenting on this crazy but beautiful and fascinating planet.” – says Jesuso Ortiz


“Enseñate a ti mismo a ser, a amar, a crear, y a acompañarte cuando sufres creyendote solitario.”

“I am eternally grateful to it for allowing me to live this experience with you. Thanks for joining me! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride.”


Jesuso Ortiz – Designer, illustrator, artist, humanoid

via [mymodernmet]