Germany Like You’ve Never Seen it Before in Johannes Berger’s Photography

There are eleven officially recognized metropolitan regions in Germany. Thirty-four cities have been identified as regiopolis. All that sounds so big and powerful – most of the time that’s how we imagine this country. Johannes Berger, photographer and editor form Hamburg takes us on sightseeing through German cities showing us their urban side. He plays with reflections and long exposure, capturing vibrant architecture, traffic, and everyday life. Berger calls himself an explorer of the urban spaces and we agree with that tittle. Beside German cities you can see many others too, captured in his distinctive manner. Scroll through our gallery but be sure to follow Berger’s Instagram Page for more cityscape photography, more lively streets, and countries.

Schwerin – “We walked through this alley and looked for a restaurant and this church fits perfect at the end of this little street.”



Cologne – “The first light in Cologne. Throwback to my short trip to Cologne last year. I went to the city center early in the morning for shooting some sunrise moments.”

Hamburg – “Summer is back in the after a few gray cold days.”


Wernigerode – “Curvy streets in Wernigerode. Can you spot the castle?”

Rathaus Wernigerode

Stade – “You found this pearl approximately 30km away from Hamburg. If you have enough time, visit this little town. This photo is from last year during the blue hour. I like all this old lamps in this scenery.”

Dusk in Stade.


Speicherstadt – “Moody weather! I visited this place in march and had much luck with the weather conditions. It was a gray day and the highlight was the sun for approximately one hour in the sky. Perfect conditions for a long exposure with my ND Filter with this result. Can you see the raindrops on the window?”

Elbphilharmonie – “Combine different things to one composition. I mixed a long exposure, reflection on my screen, and a sunstar in this photo during the sunset.”





Deichtorhallen Hamburg – “This photo is from my first walk with my new Sony Alpha A7r III Camera. Especially this scene fits perfect for the huge sensor with 42mpx. You can see so many little details in this scenery, just a awesome quality and a upgrade for my photography.”

Hamburg – “Morning light in the city.”

Tübingen – “Framed! Tübingen has a lot of half timbered houses in the city centre. This row is on one side of the beautiful market square.”


Weltkulturerbe Quedlinburg

Stadt Quedlinburg Sachsen-Anhalt – “I visited Quedlinburg in March for the first time, it was so cool to see this town life. I come back for sure!”

Lübeck – “Rainy Lübeck with the wonderful old Town Hall.”

Hamburg – “Hidden gem in a side Street – one of the last old houses in the city center. So many windows with a mix of bricks and half timbered houses elements. A really rare view. “