John Atkinson Presents Abridged Classics Through Funny “Spoilers”

As you can guess, the creator of Wrong Hands gives you the summaries of books you were supposed to read but probably didn’t. Hilarious and witty, these cartoons are perfect if you need a good laugh. “I thought it might be a funny idea to help everyone out and provide “tweet-sized” synopses of these classic books suitable for dinner parties or when you’re cornered at a function,” said Atkinson. “They’re not intended to replace reading the actual book, and I’m quick to tell students not to use them as book reports unless they want a solid D- or an F.” We hope you’ll have fun reading these and for more abridged literature visit Atkinson’s Blog and Red Bubble Shop for some cool literary goodies.


“Cartooning is a great way to extract the silliness bottled up in my head,” – said John Atkinson.

“Humor is subjective so it’s always interesting to read other people’s reactions to my work.”

“I get a wide range of comments from “This is hilarious” to, “You think you’re so clever, you’re not!” to “I don’t get it.” – The last one is always my favorite. I usually like to respond “I don’t get it either.”

Next year, Atkinson hopes to have a follow-up book to his current one (“Abridged Classics: Brief summaries of books you were supposed to read but probably didn’t”).

The follow-up will most likely cover movies and television and is tentatively titled “Abridged Cinema”.

via [boredpanda]