Magic of Life – Beautiful Ode to Creatures of Earth and Plant Life by Oil Painter Jon Ching

Born in Kaneohe, Hawaii, and now living and working in LA, California, Jon Ching is a self-taught artist of the highest order. His success is well-deserved through hard work, skills, vision, love for art, and respect for Nature. He’s been having marvelous exhibitions throughout the years and has been a beacon of hope during the pandemic, always reminding us with his new paintings just how precious and beautiful our planet’s flora and fauna are! Especially driven by wildlife, and oceanic creatures Jon always finds a way to celebrate life on Earth, while educating the world by raising awareness about endangered species and environmental troubles. Jon’s ultimate hope is to inspire love and admiration for the universally unique beauty and intrigue of our planet. “I am inspired by the worldview of many Indigenous cultures that revere the natural world and see god in every aspect of our living world. My more surreal creatures, where the line between flora and fauna are blurred, is in part my attempt at depicting some of this unseen magic.” Below you can have a glimpse at Jon’s oil paintings so please enjoy the magical ecosystems of Jon’s beautiful mind inspired by real-life creatures he meets on his journeys.

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“Sheila Ann” – by Jon Ching.

Photo credits: Jon Ching





The legend himself – Jon Ching.


“Razzle Dazzle”


“Mother Mycelium”

“Chasing Summer”

“Celebrate and feel gratitude for the oceans today and every day! Keep it clean and healthy and don’t overtake. And watch a nature doc to learn more about it and be inspired! I guarantee it’s better than half the stuff we watch.” – Jon Ching.

“Today, and every day, is a celebration of the majesty of nature, especially those at the brink.” – Jon Ching.



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