Juniper the Fox and Her Happy Family of Rescued Exotics

Though tame foxes do show similar characteristics to dogs and cats they do not make great “conventional” pets. But this is one great and incredible story about domestic pet foxes and their wonderful life. Juniper and Fig are two North American red foxes living out their lives in a home full of rescued exotics. Juniper and Fig were born in captivity and are descended from fur-farm foxes. While tameness was not the original intention when breeding these animals, after several generations of relying solely upon humans, their dispositions also began to change from that of their wild counterparts. They became more docile, less shy, and acceptant of human interaction. Unfortunately, due to those reasons, these animals are considered non-releasable. Their dependence and lack of fear make them unsuitable to live in the wild. For animals like Juniper, and Fig their options are pelt or pet. And so became the domestic fox. They can not be released into the wild, but live happy, full lives with their loving adoptive family and their doggo brothers. As we promised, the beautiful, uplifting story about a good cause and happy saved animals. For more information about these lovely fosters visit Juniper’s official website and follow Juniper and Fig on Instagram.

“Juni and the Bork Boyz, new album cover”


Baby Fig and Juniper

“Juniper is a tame North American Red Fox. We adopted her when she was only five weeks old after learning that she needed a home. I had worked with foxes in rescues in the past and with that hands on experience knew that I could give her the home she deserved.” – wrote Jessika Coker on Juniper’s website

The youngest one in the familiy – Elmwood


“Fig didn’t know he needed a brother, or that sometimes the best gifts come in small packages.”

Foxes, like minks, chinchillas and other plush animals have been bred for their fur for over a hundred years. Juniper, Fig and foxes like them are considered “domestic fur-bearing animals” or “ranched foxes”.

Juniper and Moose

Patient Moose. The Australian shepherd malamute mix.


“Juniper is SASSY. I’ve never met anyone, human or animal more sassy than she is. She’s will always let me know exactly how she feels about something. If she dislikes what’s going on she’ll walk over, ears back, and scream at me, then casually walk away.”

Elmwood’s blue eyes are mesmerizing.

Ranched foxes are descended from animals that were originally bred for their fur and that means that they have lost many of their natural instincts.

These traits were unintentionally bred out of these animals after generations of being handled by humans and eugenics. In fact, these tame foxes have well over 4,000 genetic differences compared to wild foxes.


“Fig came to us after being rescued by “SaveAFox”. He was born on a fur farm and would have become part of someones coat if not for a tragic bacterial infection that caused him to lose his left foot, most of his toes on his remaining feet, and sight in his eye.”

Juniper loves to eat socks, flirt with Moose, cuddle in the morning, and hide food incase snack emergencies.

“She’s an interior designer. She’s recently decided to take up residence under the bed. She’s gradually been building the ultimate #dreamhouse under there. It’s fully furnished with all of her large stuffed animals, stocked with leftover treats, lovely drapes (that were once my bedskirt). It’s even has a great view to the rest of the room.”

Two very good reasons to smile today.

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