Kaleidoscope-Inspired Dog Portraits Full of Joyful Expressions

Imagine the colors in Marina Okhromenko’s mind… A digital illustrator whose love for color experimentations comes from her early childhood. “As a child, my favorite toy was a kaleidoscope—you take and mix different colored pieces, and the result is always beautiful. A similar aesthetic in my work is my unique voice,” Marina shared in an interview with Adobe Create. Marina as a publisher of ORE Lab (a notebook design company) created these vibrant portraits as a part of TTask project. The intersection of art and productivity is a motto of the same project and Marina’s obsession as well. “We are seeing this more and more as high-tech companies decorate their walls and surrounding spaces with interesting illustrations. In our environment, we call this neuro-office. I’m interested in how to design a personal space to combine the simplicity of minimalism with the beauty of fireworks.”

More info: Instagram, Behance.


Little sniffer sniffing through the narrow gap

“As a child, my favorite toy was a kaleidoscope,” the artist shared.


Their eyes full of bubbly details make the entire portraits even more magical!

So much sass

When butterfly kissed Beagle


Marina also does portraits of people and you can see more on her Instagram and Behance

Via [thisiscolossal]