Urban Sketches of Japanese Architecture and Culture by Kathryn Larsen

Kathryn Larsen is an architectural technologist and aspiring architectural designer, with an interest in sustainability and unusual building material applications. She has studied Japanese since age 14, taking summer classes at Drexel University in spoken Japanese. In 2013 she took a gap year with CIEE to Japan, to study Japanese intensively. This began her interest in vernacular architecture, as a solution to local environmental concerns. She documented her experiences in a sketchbook, which was later displayed in an AIA Sketch exhibit at Cornell University. In her free time, Larsen sketches with Urban Sketchers Copenhagen. And what caught our attention are urban sketches she created during one of her visits to Japan. These drawings give us a beautifully artistic view of the Japanese and their culture. You can find out more about Larsen on her website and see a dozen of her sketches on Instagram Page.


Shinobazunoike Bentendo Temple


Kyoto Chishakuin Temple

Kanda Myojin Shrine

Amagasaki Castle

Kodaiji Sho Museum

Asakusa Shrine

Ueno Police Box And Station

Kiyomizu Kannondo

Kiyomizu Temple


Unico Furniture Store

Danjiri Matsuri


Horyuji Temple


Kwansei Gakuin University


Shitennouji Temple

Chingo-Do Hall

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