Katya Slonenko and Her Cartoony Neo-Traditional Tattoo Style

Belarusian tattoo artist living and working in Amsterdam. One of the proud members of White Whale Amsterdam Tatoeage & Piercing Studio, Katya Slonenko is the master of cute tattoos of all sorts. Her style is very fun and recognizable – bold lines of neo-traditional tattoo combined with vibrant watercolors. Slonenko does a lot of different themes. Her favorites are Amsterdam and other city’s sceneries, landscapes of all sorts, also anything related to books and reading, art supplies and hobby tools. But you can often find her art in a form of tiny milkshakes, desserts, lucky animals and bicycles. She loves bicycles! Head over to her Instagram Page for some color explosions and cuteness overload!

Small rope heart with a windmill inside


Colorful Dutch landscape with a duck

The Rocky Mountains view with ski gondola

Swiss mountain scenery


Two whales – Slonenko loves whales too!

Pigeon bike

Tropical lucky elephant

Small pack of fries on the ankle


Tropical flamingo

Dutch scenery with a bicycle and windmills in the distance

Blue Amsterdam heart

Kitty bike


Frodo and Sam going on an adventure

The Burrow, Weasley family house

First of two galaxy themed tattoos

Galaxy pizza slice on the left ankle, symmetric to the ice cream


Lucky Koneko no Chi

Shiba inu on a bike