The Secret World of Stray Cats through Evgeniya Gor Lenses

Evgeniya Gor is a self-taught photographer from Astana, Kazakhstan. When Evgeniya started the project “Among the worlds” in 2006. she didn’t have any photographic experience, yet she has always been interested in the relationship between humans and animals, which is the main topic of her project. As Gor explains, she doesn’t want to start herself in any frame, she just takes pictures and takes photos of what she likes and how she sees it. “I often walk and watch the world around me, try to catch the moment, try to show the usual things in an unfamiliar perspective. I like that through photography you can give life to something that already lives in the world, and discover new facets of what you saw.” Cats have always been present in Evgeniya’s life and most of the animals in her photos are homeless. She always carries food in her bag for the homeless cats and sending money for a donation to the homeless animals in animal shelters. Evgeniya hopes that her photographs will help install an empathy in humans and consequential better treatment towards animals. Be sure to visit Evgeniya’s official website and Instagram page for more interesting photo series.

“Among the Worlds” by self-taught photographer from Kazakhstan, Evgeniya Gor

Photo credits: Evgeniya Gor

These are the cats (mostly stray cats) of Kazakhstan.


They are always among us, enoying life the way they know the best.

They are our friends


Beautiful survivors

Loyal and loved


And playful

…and cute!


…and often loners in this giant world

They are shadows,

And loving memories.


Kittens that grow up together…

Are usually not in warm and secure place.

They fight for their own safe place.


They follow us…

They wait…

They live “Among the Worlds”.

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