Kemo’s Magical Photoshop Adventures with Disney Characters

Since he was little, Luigi “Kemo” Volo, our featured artist from Naples, Italy, has always been attracted by comics and animation. Two passions that have irretrievably brought him to the world of drawing. However, fortune was not always on Kemo’s side as his creative desires were difficult to fulfill due to his financial constraints. He has been bartender, and next exercised as a photographer in ceremonies or for advertising campaigns. But he proved that motivation pays off and now he can afford to buy all the necessary material to indulge his passions (photography and illustration). “It is only recently that I started digital graphics. That’s how I was able to combine my two passions! Draw my favorite animated characters and create an interesting interaction.” And we admire, so take our advice and head over to Kemo’s Instagram Page where you can find more interesting art and a whole new Disney world!

Kemo photoshops himself having fun adventures with Disney characters and the result is adorably amusing.


Although he had always loved the magical Disney world and drawing, it was the love for his nephew that prompted him to create the series in which he interacts and “hangs out” with these famous characters.


All in order to make his nephew believe that magic is real.

An ingenious and fun idea that features the characters of the Disney world perfectly.


“The bare necessities of life”

“Forget about your worries and your strife”


To know more about Kemo do not hesitate to visit his Instagram.

via [designyoutrust]