Kids (Age 6-12) Drew Their Dream Trains And These Are Their Realistic Digital Designs

Looking through the eyes of a child may open imagination land far forgotten by the adults, and with such approach, miraculous new ideas can occur. Celebrating the launch of the new state-of-the-art Nova trains brought a great project to life. TransPennine Express invited kids to draw their dream trains and boy they did. Children between 6 and 12 were asked to draw their perfect trains and also tell their parents to write down what they want to have on their trains and why. Obviously, as adults, we tend only to think about wifi, room space, and other standard stuff, but kids have needs that are nothing alike. After all is drawn and written down, the team of designers at This Is render come in play to make realistic digital designs, and brilliant results await you below.

The Flying Express Train (Maisie – age 5, Newcastle)


The Unicorn Train (Olivia – age 4, Manchester)

The Under The Sea Train (Hannah – age 7, Derbyshire)

The Rocket Booster Train (Aiden – age 8, Manchester)


The Rabbit Train (Amber – age 6, Hull)

The Rollercoaster Train (Jack – age 10, Manchester)

The Dance Train (Megan – age 10, Manchester)

The Circus Train (Jaiya – age 8, Manchester)

via [boredpanda]