Kirillov’s House – Private Residental House Built by Russian Blacksmith

Kirillov’s house is a famous house built by the Russian blacksmith who built it for his family. Sergey Kirillov was a blacksmith of the Kunara village of the Sverdlovsk region, Russia and this house was his life’s work. It was built between 1954 and 1967 as a private residential home adorned with traditional Russian decorative patterns made out of wood and metal. Vibrant colors gave the house a beautiful fairy tale aura that made it so popular around the globe besides obviously masterfully constructed ornaments. Around 100 people populate the village of Kunara to this day and this house is the only attraction, and what attraction it is! You can imagine the love for this house that locals have. They even call it gingerbread house. Sergey passed away 2 decades ago, but he was prepared as he even built his own grave. United locals sharing a great love for their main village ornament, have helped restore the house to its best shape after Sergey’s death in 2001. His wife died in 2019, and even with many people trying to buy the house, the family have kept it to them selfs to this day.

Sergey Kirillov was a blacksmith from a small Russian village,


And this house is his life’s work.


Sergey died in 2001, yet he built his own grave.

His wife never sold their home. Today it still remains a private residential home.


The village of Kunara is a forgotten village with barely 100 people populating the area.

But proud villagers never let their most beautiful village ornament decay, as they helped restore the house to its full glory.


In 2019, Sergey’s wife passed away. She was buried next to her husband.


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