Unique Driftwood Sculptures Created by Multi-Media Artist Kirsty Elson

Kirsty Elson studied illustration and printmaking at the Cambridge School of Art. And as a multi-media artist, it could be that she finds anything amazing which will take her off in any kind of artistic direction, but at this very moment, she is really happy creating houses and other driftwood sculptures. Elson loves the idea of using unremarkable found objects and turning them into one-off sculptures. She’s inspired by her surroundings, but mostly by the materials, she finds. The artist lives in Cornwall, a ceremonial county in South West England, bordered to the north and west by the Celtic Sea, to the south by the English Channel, and to the east by Devon, the River Tamar forming the border between them. Now, everything makes more sense. Elson uses the bits of driftwood, shells, and other seaside scraps in her home to produce those amazing sculptures that imitate the surrounding seaside homes. Visit Elson’s official website and Instagram to see more of her artwork.

“I think, I could make houses every day for the rest of my life.”


Elson recreates the quaint cottages with minimal paint.

Utilizing bottle caps for lighthouse roofs, rusted nails for chimneys, and metal washers for decorative lifesavers.


“The great thing about driftwood is that each piece is very different.”

“I tend to let the materials lead me, rather than having an idea in my head and trying to find a piece to fit my idea.”

“I let the materials do the work really.”


“I hope my work makes you smile!”

via [colossal]