Kristina Makeeva’s Epic Lake Baikal Photoshoot

Kristina Makeeva did it again, this time she conquered Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world, located in southern Siberia, Russia. The rift lake is the world’s deepest lake and one of the world’s clearest lakes, old 25-30 million years. After seeing such sight in person, even though Makeeva came with no expectations, her mind was left restless. The feelings and erupting inspiration kept her awake for 3 days that she was there. “Now, having traveled to many countries around the world, I still think of Baikal as one of the most beautiful places,” Makeeva admits. As always, great attention is divided on both models and environment but usually with giant flowy dresses, models take the spotlight. This time it was the other way around. As fantastic as Makeeva’s brilliant models are the mighty Lake Baikal’s vibrant colors, and frozen shapes always prevail on top. “I always have a movie playing in my head. As a photographer, you still need to do your homework if you want to create something unique in that location.” With weather conditions playing a huge part in these projects, dressing codes are taken care of in an advance. Models are provided with comfortable thermal clothes, and several dresses to make sure photoshoot goes well with the surroundings. A professional like no other; you can even see a 7-minute clip of behind the scenes on the Baikal Lake following the link below.

More info: Behind the scenes video, Instagram, Official Website.

Enter the magic of Kristina Makeeva’s Lake Baikal photoshoot

Photo credits: Kristina Makeeva

This time the Lake Baikal is both the stage and the star.

Brilliant models and fascinating flowy dresses perfectly adorn the frozen vibrant beast.

“What I saw and felt when visiting Lake Baikal kept me awake for 3 days that I was there.”


Makeeva was exploding with inspiration.

You can watch behind the scenes video, and enjoy the 7 minutes of footage from this frosty journey.

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