Laura Hart Sculpts Giant Glass Orchids Reflecting Their Immense Beauty and Resilience

Glass artist and designer from Suffolk UK, Laura Hart wasn’t exactly just that her entire life. She started getting into arts at the age of 12 through oil paintings, to later cross to “treading boards” a few years later. Video production in the twenties and thirties, heritage building renovation, 3D animation design in her forties, and, finally “the glorious world of glass in her fifties.” Hart’s fascination with orchids started decades ago. In her conservatory, she would have up to 70! “The explosion of color and perfume during the flowering months intoxicate the senses,” Hart explains her affection in an interview for This is Colossal. Interestingly, orchids are known to be the first species to bloom over 100 million years ago. There are 28,000 known species of orchids and “the central neon light in Hart’s art pieces is a nod to orchids’ efforts to attract necessary pollinators to ensure their survival, proving their adaptability.” Hart’s orchids are made out of translucent glass and they are all identical in size. Made in Hart’s studio; the bilateral symmetry, the splashes of pigment, fleshy petals, and neon illumination of glass orchids in full bloom, all come together in a half-meter wide and high glass sculpture for your wall.
More info: Laura Hart, Instagram, Vessel Gallery (shop).

“Orchis Exotica Phalaenopsis Appaloosa,” fused and sculpted glass with neon, 48.5 x 51 x 18 centimeters.

Photo credits: Laura Hart.

“Glass Caulocattleya ‘Chantilly Lace’ Orchid”

“Orchis Exotica Cattleya Amethyst”


“Orchis Exotica Cattleya Pink striker”

“Orchis Exotica Cymbidium Baby Pink”

“Orchis Exotica Cymbidium Black Knight”


“Orchis Exotica Phalaenopsis Violet”

“Glass Phalaenopsis (moth) Orchid”

“Glass Oncidium Orchid”

“Glass Thelymitra Pulcherrima Orchid”


“Glass Phalanopsis Lindenii Orchid”

“Glass Fuciflora Bee Orchid”

via [thisiscolossal]