Laura Hendricks – Photo Collage Artist of Magical Lands

Laura Hendricks is a photographic collage artist, living and working in Utah. In her work she combines parts of her own photographs to create surreal landscapes and scenery, in other words – she creates other-worldly photo collages by combining different landscapes to form one image. Laura started out as a hobby nature/landscape photographer but has always been interested in graphic design and painting. Minimalism, simplicity, music, and design are the main sources of Hendricks’ inspiration. She loves having the things that inspire her creatively, influencing the way she takes pictures. Visit her website and Instagram Page for more dreamlike landscapes.

Place that seem other-worldly but familiar at the same time.


“A familiar photograph makes a good photograph. Photography allows us to view captured moments that are similar to ones we’ve read about, dreamed about, talked about, thought about, etc.”

“Even if we haven’t seen similar moments with our own eyes, good photography always seems somewhat relatable.”

Photo collage from NOT THAT IT NEEDS IT series – A Nevada sky+Capitol Reef+Yellowstone=Saturn? Mars?


Photo collage from SEE YOU THERE series

“I think about what music would be playing if my photo had sound. What font and text would a graphic designer assign to my images?”


“Photography is used as a tool or art form so widely now – it can send a message as easily as any other method in this digital era.”

One more from NOT THAT IT NEEDS IT photo collage series


“It’s called “Artists Paintpots” and it’s bizarre and beautiful.”

Latest photo collage from MAGIC MOUNTAIN series

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