Lavender Fields and Gorgeous Fur Babies and Friends in One Perfect Imagery

In January, the stunning Bridestowe Lavender Estate is awash with the color purple and it is the place you will find Deb Sulzberger of Fur Babies & Friends Photography capturing cute, colorful, and insanely gorgeous images of dogs and other fur kids in the rich purple lavender. Horses reading, bedtime babes, goofy grins, silly sailors, and even armchair layabouts – Deb came up with something different every year and created imagery for her clients to hang on their walls. Everything is taken to the site: the bed, the horse, the boat, the chairs, and other props. You can see for yourself in our gallery and for more furry babies visit Deb’s official website and Instagram.

Deb Sulzberger of Fur Babies & Friends Photography in Launceston Tasmania has won national and international awards for her work.

“I headed down the photography path a few years ago when I set off on an adventure to China to work with the Giant Pandas, a dream come true in every possible way,” – Deb wrote on her website.

“From there I caught the bug and on my return chased wildlife all over my little state of Tasmania, Australia.”

“A light bulb went off and I came up with this crazy idea about combining my love of animals together with my love of photography, so Fur Babies & Friends Photography was born on the 21st September 2011 and I never looked back.”

“Nothing is better than heading out for a shoot, meeting new people, getting to roll around and play with some pretty cool Fur Kids, and all in all having the time of my life.”

“Then to see just how much my captures mean to my clients…”

Talking about Bridestowe Lavender Estate…

“The best part of the whole experience is getting to have fun with my models,” – says Deb.

“Maybe it’s the calming effect of lavender or just the unique bond I build with animals…”

“But one thing is for sure that when the sun sets on each session, wet all head home knowing a tiny bit of magic just happened.”

via [boredpanda]