Legendary Pepe Soho’s Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Multi-award winning creative super-star born in Mexico City, Pepe Soho is a man worthy of a Hollywood movie. As a young man, he showed he had a special mind. After studying music and performing as a drummer on a big stage, he changed gears to design. Clothing brand SOHO was born, a fashion icon for decades. Soho was so successful and he had no intention of stopping. He opened famous nightclub ‘Love’, and continue to grow his empire. Everything seemed to be draining him a bit too much. So he traveled to India to find peace. Falling from a horse, he suffered a substantial accident. His health was getting worse and a strong depression entered his life. Around that painful era, Soho picked up a pocket camera and begun his new journey. He applied for the school of photography in Mexico City, continuing his studies in New York’s ICP. In 2017 he was honored with a gold medal for his picture “Believe” in the most important international photographic contest in the world, ‘World Photographic Cup’ in Yokohama, Japan. Considering his life story, Soho thinks of his photography as a love letter to nature. As it healed his life, he feels he owes her a constant homage that he pays through his art. Visit Soho’s official website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Enter the majestic mind of legend – Pepe Soho



Mexico City’s gem, Soho has a story worthy of a Hollywood movie

At, first Soho was a successful drummer, then iconic fashion designer, then he opened famous nightclub Love

Now he’s recognized as one of the world’s greatest photographers in the world


Soho won a gold medal at the 2017 World Photographic Cup (WPC) in Yokohama, Japan

Fighting a great depression after a severe accident, Soho found photogrpahy

His photography is a love letter to nature, which helped him heal his life

And he pays her a constant homage through his art giving his very best every time

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