Experience Beauty of New Zealand with Journey-LegoMan

Crazy little lego man is back. After exploring Dubai he felt it was time to check out what New Zealand has in store for his adrenaline pumping lego heart. Over last 18 months of adventures all across epic lands of New Zealand, crazy lego man had turned every rock, bathed under every waterfall, and celebrated Christmas on the beach. Using his legovan he was able to reach these far destinations and give us all his unique view of New Zealand’s most beautiful locations. We can’t wait for crazy little lego man’s next journey and can only guess which place will be welcoming him as an honorable guest. Until then Visit his Instagram page and enjoy his regular adventures on a daily basis.

Crazy little lego man flying to Auckland


Mountains in Coromandle


Famous Hanua Waterfalls

Waikato Waterfalls

Gibbs Farm

Wine Country


Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel

Wanaka tree


Geysers in Rotorua

Hot water hunt



via [boredpanda]