Life-Sized Elephants Sculptures Find Their Home in London’s Parks for a Global Conservation Project

Who doesn’t love elephants?! Thanks to the collaboration of nonprofit organizations – CoExistence and Elephant Family we’ve witnessed 60 Real-life-sized wooden sculptures of elephants migrating from Piccadilly to Buckingham Palace in Green Park, London. And they were just 1 out of 9 herds passing through the city. CoExistence has a goal to create and put 500 animals around the world, with specific animals for specific countries. 15 feet tall, weighing 800 pounds, these creatures are made out of long strips of ‘lantana camara’, the invasive weed that disturbs the environment, so by removing it, it actually helps to reinstate the natural ecosystem (watch video). Also 37 endangered and extinct birds have joined the herd on July 6 in Green Park. Made out of steel, clay, and bronze, by the hand of seven artists, as a result of a collab with ‘Wild East’, some sculptures are even 3-meter-tall (curlew by Simon Gudgeon).

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Project by non-profit organizations – CoExistence and Elephant Family

Photo credits: CoExistence

CoExistence and Elephant Family, are showing to the public that humans can better live alongside animals and the larger ecosystem.

“Besides generating awareness of environmental crises this project aims to raise funds to support grassroots organizations in India that promote Indigenous culture and establish technology and infrastructure that allows humans and animals to live symbiotically.”


On July 6th, Green Park has welcomed new visitors as well. Sculptures of endangered and extinct birds made out of steel, clay, and bronze.

The balance has terrifyingly shifted between the population of humans and the population of wilderness.

You can help the cause by donating or buying smaller items or even large sculptures like these.

via [thisiscolossal]