Artist Does a Switcheroo on Our Favorite Cartoon Pet/Sidekicks

Welcome to Linda Bouderbala’s parallel universe! She’s something as doctor Strange of illustrators as she tends to change the fictional reality as it is. Linda had an interesting idea on her mind and it exploded into a quirky OCD bothering art. Artist shared her illustrative series together with her process of thinking. “Pets are undoubtedly our best friends. We trust and confide in them, and even confirm our own existence through that shear bond of mutual affection. Is that bond any less strong if we take for example fictional characters? I think not!” Linda has unleashed chaos, switching brown dogs of Shaggy Rogers and Homer Simpson, and Rocket Raccoon with Pocahontas’ Meeko. Follow this amazing artist on her very active Instagram page to see her other exciting mini-series such are switching characters’ hats, masks, dresses, and many more unique ideas!

Quirky illustrations by Linda Bouderbala

This is why Yamcha is the weakest of them all

This actually might be good for everyone

Jafar can’t take this

Rocket would fall in love instantly

Let’s Change Their Dresses – mini series by Linda

Let’s Change Their Masks

Let’s Change Their Hats

Let’s Change Their Hats

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