Astounding Lip Art by Vlada Haggerty

Artists’ search for trying different kinds of surface to make their art can often result in an extraordinary way. Los Angeles based artist Vlada Haggerty is one of those who reflects her skills for art exceptionally. She started her career as a makeup artist in Kiev Ukraine and then one day she asked herself “What are you doing ??” and quitted her job to do something that is not mainstream. Although most of the people focus on the eyes, she has always been inspired by the lips and that’s why she decided to use them as her canvas. She pours her skills for designing lips extravagantly. First, she plan her designs then sketches them to see how they would look on the lips. It takes her between 30 minutes to 4 hours to apply the design on the lips and the result is always fantastic. She regards Instagram as a useful platform to showcase her work to the world. Today, she has more than 780k followers that adore her lip-art everyday.

via [fubiz]